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The Secret of Apple’s Success: Simplicity

The Secret of Apple's Success: Simplicity | Eklectica.inApple’s success – driven by the vision of Steve Jobs – has been to distil its ideas to their essence. By contrast, too many companies are overly complicated

Apple’s package-design team had just returned from its presentation to Steve Jobs, and the faces told the story – they had that “things didn’t go exactly as we planned” look.

“The suspense is killing me,” I said to the project leader. “How’d it go this morning?” “Well,” he said, “Steve hit us with the Simple Stick.” Translation: Jobs had rejected their work – not because it was bad but because, in some way, it failed to distil the idea to its essence.

Top 50 quotes about discovering your true self

Top 50 quotes about discovering your true self | Eklectica.inA while back, a friend asked me what it was that prompted me to begin my inner journey (to learn more about myself and my purpose in life). It was hard to answer with a specific event or date, but now that I look back, I do remember being very influenced by a little book of quotes.

This little book was one of my first introductions to some great thinkers of the world — Thoreau, Gandhi, Jung, Goethe, and many others. It’s what sparked my curiosity to read and absorb more and more of the works of great minds.

These are some special quotes that focus on the challenge and satisfaction of digging deep into your own mind, the trials and tribulations of getting to know yourself. Enjoy.

Why rock music ‘brings out the animal in us’

Why rock music 'brings out the animal in us' | Eklectica.inSudden, jarring changes in pitch and frequency play on the same emotional mechanisms as the signals which animals use to alert one another of danger, a study found.

When animals cry out in distress they force a large amount of air through their voice box very quickly, producing a discordant effect designed to grab the attention and provoke an emotional response in other animals.