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The Evolution Of Caffeine

The Evolution Of Caffeine | eklectica.in
Every second, people around the world drink more than 26,000 cups of coffee. And while some of them may care only about the taste, most use it as a way to deliver caffeine into their bloodstream. Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world.

Caffeine may be a drug, but it’s not the product of some underworld chemistry lab; rather, it’s the result of millions of years of plant evolution.

Sugar: the evolution of a forbidden fruit

Sugar: the evolution of a forbidden fruit | eklectica.in
Sweetness was meant to be irresistible.

We are born with a sweet tooth. Babies drink in sugar with their mother’s milk. Sweetness represents an instant energy boost, a fuel that kept our ancestors going in a harsher world where taste buds evolved to distinguish health-giving ripeness and freshness from the dangers of bitter, sour, toxic foods. Sugar gives us drug-like pleasures – lab rats deprived of their sugar-water fix exhibit classic signs of withdrawal. When things are going well, we blissfully say, “Life is sweet.”

And now sweetness is linked with death and disease.

What Is Weird?

What Is Weird? | eklectica.in
Weird is a wayward word: though it describes a set of singular effects that link the cultural fringe with peculiar personal experiences, it remains an elusive and marginal term.

The roots of weirdness lie in the noun wyrd, an Old English term that pops up in Beowulf and denotes the (usually grim) demands of destiny. The adjective first appears in the phrase weird sisters, which was used by Scottish poets to describe the classical Fates before Shakespeare attached the term to the witches of Macbeth. But Shakespeare’s spelling of weird is, well, a bit weird—“weyrd”, “weyward”, and “weyard” appear in the first folio, but never “weird”. These alternate spellings, again, suggest the term wayward, a word used by Shakespeare to denote the capricious refusal to follow rule or reason.

10 Robin Williams Quotes From the Man Who Inspired Us With Laughter

10 Robin Williams Quotes From the Man Who Inspired Us With Laughter | eklectica.in
The death of Robin Williams silenced one of Hollywood’s most famous voices. An animated and prolific performer, Williams was known for colorful and thoughtful personality. With more than 100 acting roles and charismatic personality out of character, the actor touched fans with his words. Keep Williams’ spirit alive through some of his most memorable quotes that capture his powerful voice both on screen and off.

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The Extraordinary Evolution of Scissors

The Extraordinary Evolution of Scissors | eklectica.in
Since the ancient Egyptians who supposedly invented them, scissors have been a constant in human civilization. After knives, they’re likely the most common household object the average person owns. The following collection of images shows how many forms and surprising types of scissors have emerged since two blades were connected at the handles by a flexible strip of curved metal, three or four thousand years ago. From scissors used on the moon to the battlefield, check them out.