The Battle of the Button Fly

The Battle of the Button Fly |
At some point over the past few years, every man has, in moments of fumbling, sausage-fingered despair, found himself wondering: Who the hell decided button fly jeans were a good idea and where have all the zippers gone? It’s not just an inane question born of bladder rage. Just a decade ago, aside from a few button fly bastions like Levi’s 501 jeans, the zipper reigned as the longstanding king of denim. And although button flies have made a swift recovery, especially in the finer jeans of the world, their rise has tracked to a good deal of fear and loathing, visible on forums across the internet’s varied dark and light corners alike. So really, whence the button fly?

Source: Button Fly Denim – Best Jeans for Men – Esquire

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