Nuclear World – Infographic

Nuclear weapons often pose a dilemma: as U.S. and Soviet Union raced in the nuclear realm, other countries like China got cautious. As China started developing its program, the nextdoor India got cautious. With India jumping in, Pakistan embarked on its own program. The posession of so much weapons is fraught with danger. The domain of the nuclear race shows the extent of power pursuit: the U.S.-Soviet race for the supremacy of the international order during the Cold War still leaves them with thousands of weapons; in South Asia, Pakistan and India are adding more stockpile to restore balance. But balance doesn’t necessarily come with numbers, it comes with range. That’s why when you are dealing with nuclear weapons, you are dealing with a whole new subject. There are states who are responsible with weapons or eager to go that path – and there are states who shunned even when given an opportunity.
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Full Emersion in the Cyberworld is Coming

Although many people already are engrossed in cyberspace, judging by the amount of communicating, socializing and commerce conducted online, we’re at the advent of what will be a near total emersion in technology and the Internet, according to a technologist who spoke Saturday at the World Future Society conference in Boston.
In the next 10 to 20 years people will separate themselves from the physical world and adopt lives of virtualization, said Michael Rogers.

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The Future of Money: Are We Going Cashless?

Most people have a love-hate relationship with the bills and coins in their wallets. On the one hand, paying with cash — once ubiquitous — can be cumbersome in today’s fast-paced environment. No wonder that it’s becoming less and less commonly used as plastic in the form of credit and debit cards takes its place. On the other, many still consider paying with cash the safest way to guard against sneaky bank fees and interest charges.

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The Apple Museum – 30 years in 2 minutes

An Apple a day…Take a look at the design and progression of Apple computers from the Apple II to the current models. This video shows the computers I’ve kept for one reason or another morphing from one design to the next. It’s a little over 30 years in a little over 2 minutes. Sadly, it doesn’t include many iconic Apple products (Apple IIc, Apple IIgs, Quadra etc), only the machines I’ve personally owned or acquired over the years.

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Exploring The Dark Side of Technology

Feelings are hurt and lives are ruined on a daily basis because criminals are taking advantage. They’re taking the very tools and technologies we have thought of as good, and using them to do great evil. Unfortunately, as the world’s reliance on technology grows, the dark side of technology grows along with it.

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