The Rudiments of Typography

One of the most rudimentary elements of web and graphics design is choosing the perfect font. Something as simple as picking the right type can separate a professional from an amateur.
So before YouTube completely takes over the world wide web and all content becomes restricted to videos and podcasts, let’s admire the humble art of type.
The following guide should help you understand the very basics of typography and its application to your virtual script.

To Serif or Sans-Serif, That is The Question

If you’ve ever had trouble choosing between the time-honored and the modern, you’ve come to the right place. Even though a web developer has a limited number of font choices to choose from, ill-thought font selections often cancel out all the hard work that goes into a site’s design.
The following tutorial guides you through the various font-choices available, anti-aliasing, and some general type-related tips that, I can assure, you’ll consider in your next web project. If you’re a complete virgin to typography, I suggest you flick through this one before continuing on.
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